Kejsare Konstans II av Bysans

sep 641-15 sep 668. Blev 37 år.

Far: Kejsare Heraclius Konstantin III av Bysans (612 - 641)
Mor: Prinsessa Anastasia Gregoria av Karthago (~611 - )

Född: 630-11-07 Konstantinopel
Död: 668-09-15

Familj med ?

Konstantin IV av Bysans (~650 - 685)

Constans II, son of Heraclius Constantine and Gregoria. While he was christened Flavius Heraclius, he ruled as Constantine, was also known as Constans and nicknamed "Pogonatas," because of his thick beard. He married Fausta and had three sons: Constantine IV, Heraclius, and Tiberius.
Blev mördad.

Fausta var dotter till generalen Valentinus Arshakuni:

CONSTANS II., FLA'VIUS HERA'CLIUS, emperor of the East, A. d. 641-668, the elder son of the emperor Constantine III. and the empress Gregoria, was born on the 7th of November, a. d. 630, and his original name was Heraclius. After the death of his father, who reigned but a few months, in A. d. 641, the throne was seized by Heracleonas, the younger brother of Constantine III. ; but as Heracleonas was a tool in the hands of his ambitious mother, Martina, he incurred the hatred of the people, and a rebellion broke out, which was headed by Valentinus Caesar. Valentine at first compelled Heracleonas to admit his nephew Heraclius as co-regent, and on this occasion Heraclius adopted the name of Constantine, which he afterwards changed into that of Constans. Not satisfied with this result, Valentine proclaimed Constans sole emperor: Heracleonas and Martina were made prisoners, and, after being mutilated, were sent into exile. Thus Constans II. succeeded in the month of August, A. d. 641, and on account of his youth was obliged to be satisfied with only the name of emperor, and to abandon his authority to Valentine, who is probably identical with one Valentinian, who rebelled in a. d. 644, but was killed in a skirmish in the streets of Constanti­nople.

The reign of Constans II. is remarkable for the great losses which the empire sustained by the at­tacks of the Arabs and Longobards or Lombards.

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