Kejsarinna Teophano av Bysans

Blev ca 55 år.

Född: omkring 936 Konstantinopel
Död: 991-10-05

Familj med Kejsare Romanos II av Bysans (939 - 963)

Teophano av Bysans (~956 - 991)
Anna (Porphyrogenita) av Bysans (963 - 1011)

The death of Constantine VII was caused in all probability by poison administered to him by his son, Romanus II, at the instigation of his wife Theophano. This Theophano was a notorious courtesan, the daughter of a tavern keeper, who had won the affection of the young Romanus, a dissipated and generally worthless youth, so that he married her and associated her on the throne. With her father-in-law removed and her debauched husband on the throne, Theophano took into her own hands the reins of power, ruling with the advice of the eunuch Joseph Bringas, an old functionary of Constantine's....
The World of the Middle Ages: A Reorientation of Medieval History by John L. Lamonte, 1949 (pp. 138-140):

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