Kejsare Otto I "Den Store" av Tyskromerska riket

951-73. Blev 60 år.

Far: Kung Henrik I "Fågelfängaren" av Tyskland (~876 - 936)
Mor: Matilda av Sachsen (~895 - 968)

Född: 912-11-23
Död: 973-05-07 Memleben

Familj med Edith av England (~910 - 946)

Vigsel: omkring 929

Familj med S:t Adelaide av Burgund (931 - 999)

Otto II "Rufus" av Tyskromerska riket (955 - 983)

Krönt till kejsare 962-02-02 av Påven i Rom till Tysk-romerska riket.

Otto I, also known as Otto the Great and Duke Otto II of Saxony, son of Henry the Fowler, was the first Holy Roman Emperor since Charlemagne. He consolidated the German Reich and made significant advances for secular influence in papal politics. His reign is generally considered to be the true beginning of the Holy Roman Empire.

Over the course of his reign, Otto defeated revolts by his half-brother, his younger brother and his son, and expanded the boundaries of his empire through constant war. He maneuvered Pope John XII into crowning him Emperor and later deposed him and set Pope Leo VIII in his place. He signed the treaty known as the Privilegium Ottonianum, probably once Leo was pope, which enabled the emperor to ratify papal elections. Though warfare was frequent, Germany was stable under Otto's rule and a small cultural renaissance flourished.

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