Prinsessa Ethelfleda av England

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Far: Kung Alfred "Den Store" av England (<849 - 901)
Mor: Drottning Ealhswith av England (~852 - 905)

Född: omkring 969 Wessex, England
Död: 918-06-12 St Peters, Gloucestershire, England

Familj med Ealdorman Ethelred II av Mercia (<854 - 911)

Vigsel: omkring 887

Elfwina av Mercia (- 938)

Aethelflaed was the daughter of Alfred the Great and sister of Edward "the Elder," king of Wessex (ruled 899-924). She joined her husband Aethelred, king of Mercia, in fighting against Danish invaders. In 911 Aethelred was killed in battle with the Danes, and Aethelflaed became the political and military ruler of the Mercians. She built fortresses in western Mercia as defense against invading and occupying Danes. Aethelflaed led her forces against the Danes at Derby and captured it, and then defeated them at Leicester. Aethelflaed even invaded Wales.

In 918, the Danes in York offered their allegiance to Aethelflaed as protection against Norwegians in Ireland. Aethelflaed died that year. She was succeeded by her daughter Aelfwyn, but Edward, who already controlled Wessex, seized the kingdom of Mercia from her and thus solidified his control over most of England.

Edward's son, Aethestan, who ruled 924-939, was educated at the court of Aethelred and Aethelflaed.

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