Kung Aethelwulf I av England

839-858. Blev ca 52 år.

Far: Kung Egbert III av Wessex (~775 - 839)
Mor: Ida (Redburh) "Saint Ida" av Wessex (~788 - )

Född: omkring 806
Död: 858-01-13 London, England

Familj med Osburgh av Isle of Wight (810 - >876)

Vigsel: omkring 830

Aethelred I av Wessex (~843 - 871)
Alfred "Den Store" av England (<849 - 901)

Familj med Prinsessa Judith av Frankrike (843 - 870)

Vigsel: 856-10-01

Englands andre kung.
King of WESSEX, SUSSEX, KENT, ESSEX; reigned 18 years and a half

Æthelwulf , d. 858, king of Wessex (839-56), son and successor of Egbert; father of Æthelbert, Æthelred, and Alfred. He was lord of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex before his father's death in 839. As king of Wessex he was compelled to defend his realm against constant Danish attacks, and he won a notable victory over them at Aclea in 851. He also campaigned against the Welsh. A man of great piety, he went with his son Alfred to Rome in 855. In 856 he took as his second wife Judith, daughter of Charles II (Charles the Bald) of France. Learning before his return to England that his son Æthelbald, who had ruled in his absence, would resist his resumption of the kingship, Æthelwulf left his son as king of Wessex and himself ruled only in Kent and its dependencies, where Æthelbert succeeded him.

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