Tror, Thor Munonsson

Far: Kung Memnon av Troja (- 1183 f.Kr.)
Mor: Troana Priamsdotter

Familj med Sif

Loridi Trorsson

He was fostered in Thrace by a certain war-duke called Lóríkus. He was goodly to look at with hair fairer than gold. When he was twelve, he was so strong he could lift ten bear skins. He killed his foster father and mother (Lora) and took the kingdom of Thrace. He then traveled the earth, it is claimed, killing giants, dragons and many beasts. He met his wife in the North where she was a prophetess. (Notice how this story is a less exagerated version of the same story told about the Thor of Norse mythology in the time of Trór's descendent, Odin.)

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