Edith av England

Blev ca 36 år.

Far: Kung Edward I "The Elder" av England (~871 - 924)
Mor: Drottning Elfleda of Wiltshire (~878 - ~920)

Född: omkring 910 Wessex, England
Död: 946-01-26

Familj med Kejsare Otto I "Den Store" av Tyskromerska riket (912 - 973)

Vigsel: omkring 929

One of two Ediths who were daughters of King Edward "the Elder" of England, the mother of this Edith (Eadgyth) is variously identified as Aelflaeda (Elfleda) or Edgiva (Eadgifu). Her brother and half-brothers were kings of England: Aethelstan, Aelfweard, Edmund I and Eadred.

Typically for the female offspring of royal rulers, she was married to another expected ruler, but far from home. She married Otto I "the Great" of Germany, later Holy Roman Emperor, about 929. (Otto married again; his second wife was Adelaide.)

Edith (Eadgyth) is interred at St. Maurice Cathedral, Magdeburg, Germany

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