Östromersk Kejsare Flavius Arcadius av Bysans

Jan 17, 395 - May 1, 408. Blev ca 31 år.

Far: Kejsare Theodosius I "Den Store" av Romarriket (347 - 395)
Mor: Kejsarinna Aelia Flavia Flacilla av Romarriket (~345 - 386)

Född: omkring 377 Spanien
Död: 408-05-01

Familj med Aelia Eudoxia av Frankerna (- ~404)

Pulcheria av Bysans (399 - 453)
Theodosius II av Bysans (401 - )

His father raised him to the rank of co-Augustus of the east in AD 383, though due to his young age it was a solely ceremonial title at first.
But when in AD 395 Theodosius died, Arcadius succeeded him as emperor of the east at the age of eighteen. Meanwhile his brother Honorius became emperor of the west.
This division of the empire into eastern and western parts was the decisive one, which sent the two on separate ways. Had the empire effectively been split by Valentinian, it had still functioned as a unit. One of the two emperors had always enjoyed seniority over the other. However, the accession of Arcadius and Honorius is widely seen as the division of the Roman empire into two completely separate parts.
Arcadius is therefore often quoted as the first 'Byzantine' ruler.

Arcadius var under hela sitt liv mer upptagen av att framstå som en from kristen än med politiska och militära frågor.

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