Kung Edward I "The Elder" av England

Blev ca 53 år.

Far: Kung Alfred "Den Store" av England (<849 - 901)
Mor: Drottning Ealhswith av England (~852 - 905)

Född: omkring 871 Wessex, England
Död: 924-07-17 Farrington, Berkshire, England

Familj med Drottning Elfleda of Wiltshire (~878 - ~920)

Edith av England (~910 - 946)
Adiva av England (920 - )

Familj med ?

Edmund "The Magnificent" av England (921 - 946)

Well-trained by Alfred, his son Edward 'the Elder' (reigned 899-924) was a bold soldier who defeated the Danes in Northumbria at Tettenhall in 910 and was acknowledged by the Viking kingdom of York. The kings of Strathclyde and the Scots submitted to Edward in 921. By military success and patient planning, Edward spread English influence and control. Much of this was due to his alliance with his formidable sister Aethelflaed, who was married to the ruler of Mercia and seems to have governed that kingdom after her husband's death.

Edward was able to establish an administration for the kingdom of England, whilst obtaining the allegiance of Danes, Scots and Britons. Edward died in 924, and he was buried in the New Minster which he had had completed at Winchester. Edward was twice married, but it is possible that his eldest son Athelstan was the son of a mistress.


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