Do you miss your old 64? This was the most sold computer in the 80s and it is still alive! With an emulator, you can readily transform your PC into a Commodore 64 and reexperience the old and golden days! The games are ideal for those with little diskspace, seldom being larger than 150k. On this page you can find everything you need. Just download the emulator and a couple of games and enjoy!

Get your shareware version of ccs64 1.09 here!

How does it work?
Unzip the emulator into a suitable catalogue, exit to dos and execute.
Now the screen looks familiar, eh?
Press F9
Choose "Load program"
Choose file to load
Choose "reset and load"
Type "run"!

If you at any point are asked to put in another side of a disk, press F9, "load program", the directory whith the correct side and press "Esc" and then space/fire to return to the game and launch.

To make things more smooth you can download Quick64 on this page.
This 2Mb program makes it possible to run your game in windows-mode and you can switch back to windows by pressing the windows-button in order to send e-mails, ICQ etc...
Get Quick64!
(After executing rightclick, choose "options" and make sure that ccs64 1.09 is chosen as Default Emulator and that the Emulator path is correct.)



A great game, although it is really old (1983). Fly a plane during World War I and bomb buildings, roads, boats and cars...

Bubble Bobble

An excellent game, in which you're a cute looking dragon, spitting bubbles. You can play one player game or two players at the same time. Jump up and down avoiding enemies and catch the enemies with your bubbles, then jump on them so they'll die and turn into fruits and different kinds of powerups. There are 100 levels so it will take a while to get through the whole game, but I once made it with one of my friends.


This is an arcade-conversion (and a good one too). The rules are quite simple, shoot at everything...

Defender Of The Crown

This game is set in England in the late twelfth and early thirteenth century. Now, as everybody for sure knows(?), England was at that time invaded by the Normans, who basically were a bunch of cultured vikings! The original inhabitants, the Saxons, who (historically) got their sorry asses whooped, didn't like this invasion at all. And in DOC it's down to you to change history, by taking the part of a Saxon lord and defeat all the Norman lords and return the crown of England to its rightful owner. You can weaken your enemy in a variety of ways such as raiding their castle, jousting against them for their land, or just taking their castle outright. When you take over an opponent's castle you also gain any land that they owned.


One of the best shoot'em ups for the C64 and was famed for great graphics and sound. Quite hard, though.

Giana Sisters

Giana sisters is a platform game very much like Super Mario Bros, although much better (lawsuits from Nintendo were inevitable and it was off the market shortly after its release).

North & South

You and a friend can be opponents in the American civil war. Enjoy the pleasures of killing your best friend! You can also battle the computer in this semi-strategic game.


You are controlling a pirate ship with it's crew and with you as captain. You can plunder ships and towns around the West-Indies and trade goods to earn money. Meet lovely governer daughters and search for buried treasures and lost family members in one of the best games ever.



My favourite game! Wasteland is a post-nuclear apocalyptic role-play game set in 2087, after WW III. Your party, the famed Desert Rangers, has been assigned to investigate a series of disturbances in the desert. This minor assignment soon unfolds into a major, world-threatening plot!
This is an original game and therefore somewhat larger (795k).
You start with four premade characters. These guys suck dirt. First thing you wanna do is trade the guns off the last three guys, and delete them. Create one character, and trade all the guns to him. Then delete the other useless dude. Keep rerolling the stats until you get an 18 in IQ. This will get you the most possible starting Skill Points. Other important attributes are: Luck, Dexterity, and Agility. Strength is moderately useful, but don't concentrate on it. Charisma is useless. Important Skills for all characters:
Assault Rifle, SMG, Medic
Important skills for at least one character:
Climb, Bomb Disarm, Swim, Perception, Picklock, Safecrack, Silent Move, Cryptology
Nifty extra skills:
Combat Shooting, Acrobat
Always give everyone a canteen each. Then you can walk anywhere in the desert. You can also rest safely in the deep desert.

Wasteland Manual.


As the wizard, a green, springy ball, you must help the restore color to the world. Control is very tricky in the beginning, but once you get some power-ups things work out. To be able to see the whole screen press F9, "options", "screen mode" and change it to 368x240. When you have taken the first bubble the first box, which makes it easier to maneuver starts to flash. Wiggle your joystick and it will be activated. Third box activates your "helper-cat" = 2nd player and this possibility makes this game really fun! Try it!

Here are some useful links if you want more!
Commodore Internet Archive

Project 64 - Manualer

When using the emulator you can't save your games on the disk images unless you have the registered version. However there is a way. If you press F12 anytime during the emulation the emulator will create save a file called freeze.c64. When you restart the emulator press F11 and voila your game will be restored. Just keep in mind that next time you press F12 the emulator will overwrite the previous freeze.c64 without prompting so remember to back up your frozen games if necessary. This way it is still possible to save your progress in adventure games.